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Our Story 

A Big Dream...
& Lots of Coffee!

Jennifer has always had a love for small, old-school coffee shops. For her, it is more than just the coffee; it's about the energy the environment encompasses. She has always dreamt of creating a space that feels like home and allows people to connect truly. She is also an avid lover of travel and loves the idea of simplistic, nomadic-style living. In 2019, she decided to put her dreams into action. 


"Circa 2021, our journey began with an ad on Facebook Marketplace. We drove to Staunton, Virginia, to pick up this cute little camping trailer we would soon renovate into our mobile coffee house. We chose this camping trailer because it was manufactured in Irwin, Pennsylvania; we wanted something truly local to our home state. The 1967 Serro Scotty Trailer has a retro-vintage feel that we used to set the tone for our business. In honor of the model, we've named the trailer Scotty."


A Year And a Half Later...

When we first purchased Scotty, The condition was treacherous. We completely stripped the inside and deconstructed it to the trailer's base. With sustainability in mind, We wanted to repurpose as much of the original as possible. We also implemented the use of recycled wooden pallets for structure and aesthetics. Scotty has become part of our family through hours of rebuilding and renovation.  

 Check Out Our Instagram to View Our Full Progress

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